Service Agreements

We at SAINI offer a complete platform for customized service agreements for Rolling stock equipments and Industrial machines (Motors and Generators). Comprehensive solutions provided by us offer reliable plant care opportunities to our customers; to help them manage life of the rotating equipment.

Our team of experienced personnel and engineers assists you in creating the ideal agreement providing a range of technical and commercial options. A risk assessment of motor and generator system is performed on site followed by an analysis of service requirements on the basis of – condition of the equipment and its importance in operation. On completion of thorough performance evaluation a suitable service agreement is recommended.

Our service agreements are drafted considering competencies and resources and are principally created to share strengths. Particularly, when elements like technical support or remote troubleshooting services are added to the agreement it becomes essential to have expert personnel present on-site.

Timely safeguard of the rotating equipment in activity is key to successful operation of your plant. A SAINI service agreement is the most efficient way to manage the life cycle of motors and generators at your plant, while minimizing production risks.


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