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Saini designs & Manufacturers special purpose marine asynchronous motors and new generation PM Motors and/or its assemblies.
SAINI motors comply with all shipyards, ship builders, ship owners and OEMs of ship based products for applications such as compressors, pumps, fans hydraulic pumps, lifting and cargo systems offering high performance economical and reliable solution

Categories :

  • 1. Asynchronous Motors

    SAINI offers a complete range of low voltage motors as per customers requirements. Motors are available with an output range of 0.12 to 1250 kW.

    Output Power, kW 0.12 to 1000
    Frame Sinze 280 to 450
  • 2. Liquid Cooled PM Winch Motors/Assemblies.

    SAINI’s open deck motors are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of water and ice.
    SAINI’s open deck motors are rated for ambient temperatures from -25°C to +50°C. SAINI also provides motor suitable for – 550C ambient conditions.

  • • Main features of Deck Motors

    • Durable construction to cope with extreme conditions

    • IP56 or higher open deck protection for Motor

    • Watertight enclosure IP67 open deck type terminal box

    • Greased for life bearings in frame sizes 160-250

    • Re-greasing arrangement for bearings in frame sizes 280-450

    • Durable fan to withstand extreme low ambient conditions

    • Suitable end shields

    • Suitable designed low wear shaft seal

    • Suitable open deck fan cover

    • Standstill heating

    • Corrosion resistance improved with zinc primer painting

    • Stainless bolts, nipples and other accessories


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