e- Mobility (SAINIs Drivetrain for Electric Vehicle)

SAINI’s portfolio includes powertrain technology for electric vehicles in Passenger Car, Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) segment.
SAINI’s ultra high efficient drivetrain platform solves challenges of noise and emission from gasoline vehicles in urban environments.

We Offer :

  • Light weight, modular construction optimized drivetrain solutions.

  • Liquid Cooled Drive Unit, Coolant temp -40°C to +70°C.

  • Compact design Drive unit including Motor, Gear box and Inverter.

  • Suitable for Rear wheel OR All-Wheel Drive.

  • Ambient temperature, -40°C to +85°C.

  • Integrated Park lock

  • Low Noise Emission

  • High System Efficiency

  • Tuned to Vehicle Type for best performance

  • Scalable output: 50 – 320 kW

  • Scalable Torque: 500 – 7000 Nm

  • Maximum Speed: 16,000 rpm


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