Value added Services

The company provides added service options for Electric Machines viz. Motors, Generators, Eddy Current Brakes and Rolling stock equipment’s. The Add-on service of the organization offers our customers a one-stop solution for their problems.

Our services are best suitable for those machines and components - If replaced; require massive turn around time for procurement of items, outdated models of machines for which components are not available with OEMs and those equipment’s that recur high replacement cost.

The team of proficient engineering personnel carefully analyzes the feasibility of the Scope Of Work and the same is offered to the customer with topmost quality, precise workmanship - delivering highest quality and durability.

We Offer :

  • Repair of Stator Body
  • Metalizing & Sleeve of Shaft
  • Re-lining of White Metal Bearings
  • Repair of Housings, End-shields and other assembly components
  • Repair/fabrication of Impeller, Heat-exchanger and other components
  • Repair/Replacement of Cooling tubes (if Required)
  • Lamination staggering/Re-staggering
  • Replacement of shaft with new one without damaging the rotor/armature.