Traction Motor

SAINI offers repair/rehabilitation services of Traction Motors for Mass-transit industry worldwide. The company has grown to be India’s leading service provider for repair of both AC and DC Traction Motors regardless of make and type of equipment. The firm is involved in repair of traction motor since early 80s and has refurbished them in huge numbers offering 100 percent customer satisfaction. The company offers packet of repair services on and off site to vehicle manufacturers, railway operators and system integrators for different types of rail applications – Freight, passenger, high-speed, sub-urban railways, Monorails, metro and tramways.

We Offer :

  • AC Traction Motor:
  • Stator rewinding
  • Rehabilitation of squirrel-cage rotor
  • Shaft manufacture & replacement
  • Rewinding of Stator with new core
  • Repair of Assembly Components
  • Overhaul services
  • Testing
  • DC Traction Motor:
  • Repair/Rewinding of Field coils
  • Stator Frame Rehabilitation
  • Rewinding of Armature
  • Commutator repair/Replacement
  • Shaft manufacture & replacement
  • Repair of Assembly Components
  • Overhaul Services
  • Load & No-Load Testing