Spares, Consumables & Replacement Parts

SAINI offers spares and consumables for equipment’s manufactured by SAINI and OEMs for which SAINI is an authorized service provider. The company also offers replacement parts for other Electro-Mechanical Equipment’s of different make and model. SAINI can remanufacture just about any part for motors and generators, including coils.

Motors and Generators play a vital role in the field they operate. Downtime may result in significant costs if the entire process is brought to a standstill in case the machine stops working. Thus, the availability of this equipment is top priority.

We offer genuine spare parts and maintenance kits for all SAINI products. The company also supports services of replacement parts for new and outdated equipment’s of various OEMs matching their quality, often improvising on solutions to achieve higher quality than original.

Our services offer a lot of advantages such as – all necessary parts are available from a single source, access to original parts, increased availability and reduced downtime, expert handling of replacement parts.

We Offer :

  • Winding Kit (Stator Coils, Armature Coils, Equalizer Coils)
  • Commuator
  • Impeller
  • Cooling unit
  • Motor Assembly components
  • Shaft
  • Other miscellaneous Services