Established in early 70s, SAINI is one of the foremost companies in India offering Repair/Rehab, Re-Design services for Electrical Rotating Machines.

The Company offers repair of Electric Machines for capacity upto 50 MW. With a proven track record and proficiency the organization remains as one of the leading service providers for repair of Electrical Rotating Machines. The firm has the knowledge and capability of handling machines regardless of its Country of origin, Power Rating, Design, Size or Year of Manufacture. Furthermore, our service organization has a wide range of experience in Electric Machines and the applications where they operate. This expertise enables us to offer improved reliability, quality and life cycle profitability to our customers.

SAINI’s brief portfolio of services includes Repair of Low and High Voltage DC and AC Electric Motors, Generators, Eddy Current Brakes and Transformers. It also deals in manufacture and supply of variety of coils for industrial and power generation markets including armature coils, Stator coils, field coils, large edge wound coils, solenoid coils and others.

SAINI offers complete Rehabilitation of AC and DC Traction Motors, Alternators, Reactors and Sub-assemblies of Traction machines for Railroad market. It has grown to be India’s principal service provider for Traction Motor Repair. Moreover, the company is a RDSO approved Vendor for a wide range of services to Indian Railways.

The Company is an Authorized Service Centre for reputed OEMs and a proud member of EASA.