Electric Motor

SAINI offers comprehensive range of services that covers repair and overhaul of low and high-voltage motors. Our extensive service network around the globe, complete in-house Mechanical Workshop, Coil manufacturing, Winding, VPI, Balancing and Test Capabilities allows us to offer fast turnaround. We repair the most critical motors upto 13.8 KV, both 50 and 60 Hz. We also provide repair and overhaul services for small and large DC motors.

Our services include electrical and mechanical rehabilitation for all kinds of electric machines irrespective of their type and make.

We Offer :

  • Low Voltage AC Motor:
    SAINI offers a wide range of services for low-voltage AC Motors, Stators and Rotors along with repair and rewinding of machines rating from 110 volt to 440 volt at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
  • Wire Wound Stator
  • Wire Wound Rotor
  • Squirrel-cage rotor
  • Variable speed motors
  • Slip Ring Motors
  • High Voltage AC Motor:
    The company undertakes repair activities of motors upto 13.8 Kv, either 50/60 Hz.
  • Soft and Formed coils Stator
  • Squirrel cage rotor
  • Slip Ring rotor
  • DC Motor:
    We offer rehabilitation services for DC Motor upto 8,000 Hp.
  • Field Coils
  • Armature Coils
  • Commutator
  • Compensatory Windings
  • Inter pole Shunt coils