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IREEE 2015 – International Railway Equipment Exhib

The Main Highlights of this years IREE,2015 – The company showcased its brand new range of products for Rail-market which includes – The Complete Alternator with Rectifier Unit (4500 HP Diesel Electric Locomotive), 54 Inch Radiator Cooling Fan, Dynamic Breaking Resistor Fan Assembly with Motor + Resistors, Auxiliary Generators. The company is ISO 9001 Certified & RDSO Approved source for supply of items to Indian Railways. The complete portfolio of offering include – AC/DC Traction Motor, Traction Alternator, Radiator Cooling Fan, Dynamic Breaking Resistor Unit, Auxiliary Blowers & Motor, Auxiliary Generator, Smoothing Reactors, Fuel Pump Motor with Built in Inverter, Lub Oil Motor and Varnishes/Resins.