Job summary

Career Level:
10-15 year Experience in Motor and Generator Design
Bachelor / Masters in related field (Mechanical Engineering)
Job type:
Full Time
10-15 year Experience in Motor and Generator Design
Chief - Mechanical Designer (Electric Machines)
About this job

 Position Description:


  • Responsible for the Mechanical design of AC/DC Electric Motors, Generators, Traction Motors and Traction Alternators.
  • Develop drawings of all motor and related components.
  • Work as part of a diverse team of professionals supporting component development.
  • Supports Bill of Design development for all motor related components
  • Optimization of existing designs
  • Coordinate with PPC/Materials in getting development components.
  • Preparation of technical material specification.
  • Carry out benchmarking and competition analysis.
  • Guide and carry out Structural/ Vibration / Noise/ Thermal analysis for rotating machines.



  • Through knowledge about design tolerances, interference and application of various sub-assemblies/items used in Electric Machines.
  • Should have deep understanding about Material Grades/Standards to be followed/used in components while designing Electric Machine.
  • Familiar in performing structural, rotor dynamics & thermal calculations (Analytical and FEM).
  • Knowledge of 3D modeling packages
  • Experienced in engineering design processes and tools.
  • Autonomous, structured in approach and well organized
  • Presentation Skills: Ability to communicate with Senior Leadership.
  • Capable of coaching others to accomplish assignments.
  • Familiar with PLM tools
  • Knowledge of International standards & certifications.

Additional Eligibility Qualifications:

  • Experienced in working with Pro-E , SAP, Ansys etc.